No Pain, No Gain?

I bet you’ve heard people say, “ No pain, no gain”. I hear this all the time, and it’s such a shame that women believe this. Let me show you the problems with this thinking.  Firstly, who wants to be in pain? It doesn’t sound like fun to me! I can’t imagine the level of

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Hello. I’m Beth. I help women get into the best shape of their life with Pilates. I got started with Pilates and became interested in health as I saw my own life improve as I learnt how to nurture the key components of health.

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Get Strong legs with moves you can do in the Kitchen

Some of us want to feel more steady on our feet when walking, others are looking for strong skiing legs and some of us what flexibility to get up and down easily when playing with our kids.

I’ve made a quick video that you can do in the kitchen, while you are waiting for the kettle to boil! These moves really do help tone and strengthen your legs and toosh!

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Have the wobbles?

Feel strong and stable with good balance. Pilates can help! Ankle strength, a strong core and stable hips will keep you balanced and centred.

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The ‘ All or Nothing’ Approach

I see my Pilates clients do best, when they are kind to themselves and listen to their bodies. Learn to eat and move intuitively. A balanced approach to exercise, taking into consideration your lifestyle, commitments and timeframe will set you up for success.

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4 tips for getting the most out of Pilates

Pilates has helped me to understand that Pilates can achieve many beneficial outcomes. Of course, there’s the desired physical outcome of long, lean and toned muscles, a strong core and increased flexibility. Also, the emotional benefits of a healthy mind and clear head are outcomes that also flow from your Pilates practise.

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Stretches to complement your Detox

A good friend and colleague of mine, nutritionist Sonja McCord, is currently running a detox program. – I’m always picking up good health tips and recipes from Sonja! That’s just what you need – friends who can inspire you with a new recipe they tried, or something new that the kids will love! What you eat

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March Printable

I still love to hand write! Use this little chart to note down your thoughts and goals for a healthy month! Click here to download. Beth

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Chia Seed Puddings

Looking for a fresh, healthy idea for breakfast?

Try these Chia Seed Puddings and top with your favourite fresh fruit. A perfect breakfast for when the weather is warm.


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Mindfulness with Pilates

Pilates is a great way to connect mind and body. Learning Pilates can be a nice form of meditation as you focus your concentration on your body. Mindfulness that you learn in Pilates can help you stay present in your daily activities and also help reduce stress and anxiety.

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