Pilates classes in Queenstown

Get Strong legs with moves you can do in the Kitchen

Some of us want to feel more steady on our feet when walking, others are looking for strong skiing legs and some of us what flexibility to get up and down easily when playing with our kids.

I’ve made a quick video that you can do in the kitchen, while you are waiting for the kettle to boil! These moves really do help tone and strengthen your legs and toosh!

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What to Expect in Your First Pilates Class

If you’ve been thinking about booking in for a Pilates class, here are some examples of what to expect.
This short video will show you some beginner exercises and outline some of the language used to cue you and help you understand the purpose of the movements.

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Why Kids Need Pilates Too!

Children can benefit from Pilates exercises and classes. Teaching children about their bodies and how to move well, will set them up for a better understanding of how they use their bodies for sports and general life. Pilates will help develop confidence, flexibility, posture and strength in growing bodies.

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