June 2016

Sunday Cooking Ideas for an Easy Week

Planning your food ahead of time is a recipe for success when you are striving to eat well and healthily. Here are my tips for a Sunday afternoon cook up which saves me plenty of time and thought throughout a busy week.

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5 Gentle Exercises for Low Back Pain

Pain in your lower back? Pilates can help. Many of us have experienced pain the lower back at some time. I remember, when my kids were little, it was lifting the heavy pram in and out of the car, which would trigger pain. I have some simple exercises you can do to release your lower

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What to Expect in Your First Pilates Class

If you’ve been thinking about booking in for a Pilates class, here are some examples of what to expect.
This short video will show you some beginner exercises and outline some of the language used to cue you and help you understand the purpose of the movements.

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Why Kids Need Pilates Too!

Children can benefit from Pilates exercises and classes. Teaching children about their bodies and how to move well, will set them up for a better understanding of how they use their bodies for sports and general life. Pilates will help develop confidence, flexibility, posture and strength in growing bodies.

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