Do you know a

New Mum?

This program has been created for her and would make a special gift!

Have you ever given a gift that changed somebody’s life?

We’re constantly amazed by the feedback we get from women who try ‘My Pilates Time’ for the first time.

“I have finally found something that makes my body feel good and creates mindfulness! I have young kids at home so I am always rushing and never seemed to have meaningful time to myself. Now I really look forward to my Pilates time- I’m forever thankful!” – Emma

Imagine your daughter or friend being able to duck away for moments of ‘me time’ amongst the busyness of motherhood. You’ll be supporting her as a mother helping her look after herself!

When you gift Pilates for Mums, you’re not just giving them a one-time-use item.

You’ll be giving them a resource for self care that they can use for years to come.

What’s included:

Online Pilates Program – Pilates for Mums 6 week program has over 16 pre-recorded pilates classes you can do when you like, as often as you like. Plus, they’re only 15 minutes each – which is good news for busy Mums!

Talking with Sarah Educational Videos – With access to 6 quick educational videos from top physiotherapist Sarah Benson, you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and how to heal it.

Pilates for Mums Community – An option to join a weekly live class where you’ll have the chance to meet the other women in the program and have a chat. This is a safe and supportive place (and it’s even okay to show up in your PJs!).

Give Pilates for Mums as a gift.. Or for yourself! 


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mypilatestime lets you add an engaging

Enjoyable Form Of Exercise To Your Life

Without Changing Your Busy Schedule!

It’s the on-demand solution for getting in-tune with your body and feeling better than ever before. You can join any class from the privacy and comfort of home – so you don’t need to make that pilgrimage (because that’s what it feels like sometimes) to the gym or fitness studio. Press play and get started – it’s that simple!

With a variety of packages, MyPillatesTime gives you access to an online library with hundreds of ready-made pilates classes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner just getting started or a seasoned pro looking to learn some new tips and tricks, you’ll get exactly what you need at the touch of a button. 




7-day free trial





7-day free trial




7-day free trial

if you’re ready to

Give Your Body The Love & The Care It Deserves… Get Your 7-Day FREE Trial of MyPilatesTime Today!

if you’re ready to

Give Your Body The Love & The Care It Deserves… Get Your 7-Day FREE Trial of MyPilatesTime Today!

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