10 Tricks to Home Workouts

When Motivation is Low

Often women put a lot of pressure on themselves when they set their expectations of their fitness goals. Of course, our intentions are admirable. We want to be the healthiest and best versions of ourselves we can. We want to be overflowing with motivation and not waiver from the course.

But not living up to the goals we set can be a real downer.
Perhaps you’ve also felt this discouragement?

You’d love a faster, less frustrating way to get into shape – and while you’ve considered online Pilates, all you see is the potential for disappointment with another failed attempt. 

I hear you.

My Pilates Time may seem like it’s suitable only for the highly motivated fitness fanatic, but I’ll show you how you can get into a habit of at home workouts that will get results – And it may not be as challenging as you think.

When Motivation is Low I Do These 10 Things:

1. Move into ACTION
Action creates momentum. It’s when we start that your motivation will come. So click play on the class before you ‘feel’ ready. I guarantee that you’ll be pleased you did and the next time will be that much easier.

2. Listen To My Body
Motivation is like a wave. It rises and falls, and it’s totally normal. So on the days when I have heaps of energy, I go with it and will challenge myself. When the wave dips, I accept that is how life is, and do a shorter, more restorative class.

3. Move Every Day
Set the bar low. My goal is to move every day. Now, I don’t aim to exercise for an hour every day! Just some Pilates every day. Some days it’s 5 minutes and other days it is an hour. But when I aim for SOME movement every day, I know that I can achieve it and will build consistency around the habit.

4. Set Realistic Goals
Set your bar low enough that you can jump over it. You may think this is weak or a cop out. But research has proven that if the goal is low and you consistently hit your target, you’ll be more likely to establish new habits.

5. Celebrate Your Wins
When you’ve done what you said you would, celebrate. And do this regularly. Learning to be kind to ourselves will only make us want to look after ourselves more.

6. Surround Yourself with Supportive People
Spend time with people who make you feel positive. This includes making sure we are following social media accounts which are also positive and promote a healthy, balanced approach. The facebook group of My Pilates Time is always uplifting, and hearing from the members in the group is encouraging!

7. Make it Easy for Yourself
Removing barriers to our workouts makes it easier. That’s why we created the Members Area of My Pilates Time. Simple, uncomplicated exercise plans designed for you.
You don’t need to drive to the studio, or arrange your day around long workouts. Simply log in and do the class scheduled for the day. Having a set up at home with your mat ready to go is another trick to make it easy.

8. Imagine How You’ll Feel After Pilates
Take some time to register how your body feels after a class. I often feel a boost of energy or a clarity of mind. Also, remember how good you feel about yourself. I feel proud of myself and pleased to tick off some self care for the day. Keep this feeling in your mind for the next time you feel like skipping a workout.

9. Flow On Effects
When you’ve taken the time to do some Pilates, you are more in tune with your body. This awareness means you’ll be able to make better choices throughout your day. Whether it be what you decide to eat or how you look after your stress levels. The ripple effect is real. – So use it to your advantage.

10. Anchor your Pilates to an Existing Habit
Think about an existing routine you have. Linking your Pilates time to something you already do is a good way to get it done. For me, I always have a cup of tea first thing in the morning. So, I could have my cup of tea, then do my 15 minutes of Pilates.

Life’s too short for feeling bad about failed fitness attempts.

Save the disappointment, and feel your best with a membership to My Pilates Time.

You deserve it.


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It’s the on-demand solution for getting in-tune with your body and feeling better than ever before. You can join any class from the privacy and comfort of home – so you don’t need to make that pilgrimage (because that’s what it feels like sometimes) to the gym or fitness studio. Press play and get started – it’s that simple!

With a variety of packages, MyPillatesTime gives you access to an online library with hundreds of ready-made pilates classes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner just getting started or a seasoned pro looking to learn some new tips and tricks, you’ll get exactly what you need at the touch of a button. 




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7-day free trial




7-day free trial

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if you’re ready to

Give Your Body The Love & The Care It Deserves… Get Your 7-Day FREE Trial of MyPilatesTime Today!

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